Cable Lockout


  • Material: Inbuilt Mild stainless steel body covered by ABS with insulated steel cable.
  • Color: Red, yellow, green or blue or color can be varied as per the required quantity.>
  • Locking arrangement: Carrying totally six holes for group isolation.
  • Advantage:
  • This device can be used to lockout huge range of industrial plant equipments either electrical, mechanical and even forklift steering wheels.
  • Can be used alone as a lockout hasp or with the provision of double sided looped insulated cable it can be used as a cable lockout.
  • Upper cover made it electrically safe and corrosion resistant
  • Installation Method: For the purpose of installation First shut down the source of energy to lockout the device then tied up and fix the cable tightly on the faulty device and bound it well , so that device can’t move.
  • Weight: 170 gram

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